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Rev. Daybree Thoms - April 21, 2019

Easter ~ Newness of Life!

The story of Easter is about overcoming. Jesus denied that crucifixion - as physically, humanly powerful as it was - had power over Him - over His Truth. Crucifixion is juxtaposed with resurrection - you can't get to resurrection without crucifixion! The glory of the Easter story is the glorious resurrection, reminding us that we, too, can overcome and not get stuck in our worldly challenges. We hold the story of Easter metaphysically: laying down any "crosses" we may be carrying, and rolling away the "stones" that inhibit the Truth of our being. We rise like the sun over the horizon to a new day and a new life; to the life we are born to live - free and unencumbered! The Easter story is our story. And today we celebrate our overcoming - our newness of life.

From Series: "Holy Week 2019"

Through the month of April, we complete the Season of Lent and embrace the renewal of Easter and spring!

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