Unity of Wichita is a member of Unity Worldwide Ministries

Unity Worldwide Ministries is largest of the several organizations. It is part of the New Thought movement. It offers a liberal degree of freedom and belief among it’s members. Unity teaches what it terms “Practical Christianity”.
There are several practices within the New Thought tradition that have become synonymous with Unity. For example, Unity has long emphasized the form of prayer termed “entering the silence” which starts as a form of quiet inwardness. Charles Fillmore said:
“Set aside a time every day… and pray whether you believe or not… If you will persistently find Truth, even though you do not believe it at first, you will find that your prayers have power. Faith is like a mustard seed, and it will grow. Pray, pray, and keep praying; affirm, and yet affirm once more. Your persistent prayers will succeed.”